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Tired of managing high fees, low orders, and complicated systems?
Making your favorite dish is as easy as getting orders!

Why do modern restaurants

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Gathering customer feedback and reviews is super easy with Esplanda

After each order is fulfilled, we automatically prompt your customers to review your restaurant and items. Easily manage and display Google, Bing, Yelp, and website reviews directly on your website.

Coupons & Offers: Draw, Motivate, and Retain Your Customers

Create tailored coupons and offers to suit your requirements. Effortlessly send emails to your new, existing, or lapsed customers to keep them informed about your promotions.

Increasing Your Earnings

More orders, more cash. Esplanda is designed to give your revenue a real lift.

Your Customers, Your Business: Keep it personal. Esplanda ensures your customers stay yours – no middlemen.

Challenges We Understand and Solve for You

High Marketplace Fee: Esplanda guarantees orders, or you don't pay – it's that simple.

Low Order Volumes: We assure you 20 orders a month, or it won't cost you a penny.

Fed up with confusing apps and websites: Esplanda is not just about technology; it's about a straightforward, hassle-free experience.

Included in our FREE Service plan

Full-Featured Website
Create your website in a few minutes! Just fill in your restaurant details and menu – it's all visual, and no technical skills are needed. Watch your website magically appear.
Free Ordering System
Effortlessly manage your entire online ordering system. Securely receive payments through various methods. You only pay a small commission to us when you get an order.
Real-time Ordering
Real-time order confirmations keep your customer engaged while you review the order.
Out of Stock Menu
items and choices & addons can be marked as out of stock until the next day, until a certain date, or for an undetermined period
Run a Promo or Coupon Deal
Create any promotional strategy you have in mind. Then, initiate the promotion you've always wanted.
Digital Restaurant Menu
Transform the way you present your offerings with Esplanda's user-friendly Digital Restaurant Menu.
Google Integrations
From understanding customer behavior to reaching a broader audience, Esplanda integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Merchants.
Enhance your search visibility and draw more diners to your website with our expertly crafted SEO solutions tailored for restaurants.
Email Marketing
Harness the power of personalized communication by sending enticing offers, mouthwatering specials, and delightful updates directly to your customers' inboxes, all managed seamlessly from your restaurant's dashboard.
Social Media Integaration
Showcase your culinary creations, daily specials, and engaging content on various social platforms to captivate your audience. Our platform lets you schedule and share posts effortlessly across all channels, ensuring your restaurant stays in the spotlight.
Detailed Reports
Make business decisions based on the relevant data provided by the reporting dashboard.
Online / Credit Card Payment
Service Seamlessly link your ordering system to your payment gateway, enabling direct online payments to your account—your money stays with you, never passing through us.

Pay When You Win

Orders are in, money is out – no risk involved. Esplanda is all about backing your success.

No Hidden Costs: What you see is what you get. No sneaky charges – just a straightforward, honest deal.

Why restaurants like yours think we're the best!

Since partnering with Esplanda, our restaurant has experienced a remarkable boost in revenue. Their innovative solutions and user-friendly platform have not only streamlined our operations but also attracted more customers to our establishment. The results speak for themselves – increased sales, satisfied customers, and a thriving business. Esplanda has been a game-changer for us!
(Restaurant Owner)

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